Monday, 20 March 2017

year 5 and 6 camp

This year i will be writing about year 5 and 6 camp. My group was the Presidents we all had to sleep in a tent for two nights at camp. I like that we got to play on the Skateboards.  We played killer zone and we had a Concert too. It was fun. My Favourite part of camp was kayaking because it was a lot of fun I like that we got to go all around the beach. but my most favourite part was the Concert because we got to dance and i got a solo for the dance. i had a lot of fun. I Thank the school for this camp this year. it has been a good time at camp. I want all the kids to go to camp because it is so so so fun. you get to have 3 days at camp On the last day of camp we went to Mangere pools it is so fun.

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